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Owner Of primus nutrtion | Flexible dieting coach

NPTI Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant

Primus Nutrition was established  to assist people with reaching their fitness goals by providing online customized nutrition utilizing flexible dieting (IIFYM). Flexible dieting makes living a healthy lifestyle more convenient and maintainable. Following a diet that consist of a restricted list of foods is not always maintainable.

Primus Nutrition takes pride in providing a supportive environment for educating and coaching individuals in living healthy fitness lifestyles with permanent success.

20% Training

80% Nutrition

Stop Following Diets


If you are looking for convenience and flexibility than a online diet coach is for you. Through the use of email, phone and text, clients are able to receive diet guidance and support throughout their program. Clients also have the flexibility to train around their busy schedules while following their customized flexible diet plan. You get to decide what works best for you!


For the same cost of roughly 3-4 private personal training sessions in a gym, Primus Nutrition will provide you nutrition consultation, meal planning and workouts to meet your fat loss goals. You will be working with a knowledgeable athlete , who is certified in nutrition and personal training. He has also transformed his own physique transformation utilizing the same flexible dieting methods and science.


Primus Nutrition wants to get you results that you can maintain. Our programs initiate behavior changes that encourage living a healthy lifestyle rather than just following a weight loss diet with a limited variety of foods. This only causes the dieter to gain the weight back after they stop following the restrictive diet plan. Primus Nutrition prides itself in educating and offering maintainable results.

Transformations & Contest Prep Clients

16 Week Contest Prep

Overall Champion

Overall Master’s Bikini Champion
2016 NPC Natural Capital Classic

4 Week Progress

12 Week Contest Prep

Overall Champion

Overall Bikini Champion
2016 NPC Philadelphia Classic

24 Week Contest Prep

2nd Place MPD Class B

Men’s Physique Class B 2nd Place
2017 NPC Baltimore Gladiator

8 Week Contest Prep

3rd Place Men’s Physique Class B
2015 NPC Miami Nationals